Keith Del Principe - Gulf of Mexico

Keith Del Principe is an Ontario based ecologist and animator. He is the owner and operator of Cardboard Reality a permaculture farm, boutique shop, and animation studio. As an artist Keith creates sculpts and builds out of materials from nature, from clay and paper maché, found, repurposed or recycled materials, and trees that he harvests sustainably from the forest.

For six years Keith worked offshore in the field of marine biology as a protected species observer in the Gulf of Mexico & North Atlantic. To date, he has spent over six hundred days at sea. He continues his love of science learning by farming and for the past five years has been pursuing pesticide-free organic farming in Ontario.

A graduate of Plattsburgh State University of New York, Keith holds a BA in Social Theory, Social Movements & Activism. Keith is also a graduate of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema’s BFA Film Animation program in Montréal, Québec.

When not immersed in the garden or making music videos, Keith spends his time playing drums & guitar, planting forests, felting stop-motion bunnies, felling trees, and cultivating his green thumb. He designs his unconventional creations in 3D software.

In his work, Keith aspires to weave new mythologies. Keith is presently developing a 2d video game about the farm in Unity. He thinks Leonardo Da Vinci is awesome, and believes that art has the capacity to impact positive social change.