Keith Del Principe is an artist, filmmaker, animator, and farmer. From sound design to music composition, illustration to animation, Keith loves the artwork of filmmaking. He is the co-founder of Cardboard Reality Farm & Studio a permaculture farm, boutique shop, and animation studio in Ontario, Canada. He seeks to make good art affordable and accessible.

A graduate of Plattsburgh State University of New York, Keith holds a BA in Social Theory, Social Movements & Activism. Keith is also a BFA graduate of the Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema’s Film Animation program in Montreal, Quebec. He makes his work using homemade inks and digital photographs of nature on the farm.

When not immersed in the garden or making animated music videos, Keith spends his time playing drums & guitar, planting forests, felting stop-motion bunnies, felling trees, and cultivating print designs. Keith enjoys woodworking with trees from the forest and designs his unconventional creations in 3D software. In his work, Keith aspires to weave new mythologies. Keith is presently developing a video game about the farm in Unity. He thinks Leonardo Da Vinci is awesome, and believes that art has the capacity to impact positive social change.